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The Secret Lovers of Princess Diana and Prince Charles

Among facts and rumors, discover the stories of the lovers of Princess Diana and Prince Charles
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There is no doubt that Princess Diana and Prince Charles had a troubled and ups and downs relationship. Over the years, the couple went through several scandals related to the lovers of the princess and the prince, including leaked phone calls and books written about the cases. Below, check out the stories of the former couple's main lovers.

Barry Mannakee

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Princess Diana's bodyguard was also one of her greatest loves. In recordings that were revealed after her death, during the documentary "Diana: In Her Own Words", she talks about him. She does not reveal his name, but her story is told through her speech, as he died in an accident, as she describes it.


“When I was 24 or 25 years old, I was deeply in love with someone who worked in this environment. But then he was kicked out and he was killed,” reveals Diana. “Eventually he had to go and three weeks after he left he died in a motorcycle accident. He was the greatest love I've ever had, and that was truly painful."


As Diana reveals, Barry died during a motorcycle accident in 1987, putting this information together makes it nearly impossible to believe the princess could be talking about someone else.

James Hewitt

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James was Diana's riding teacher and their relationship was revealed in the book "Princess in Love" in which the officer gave interviews to writer Anna Pasternak. During the 1995 BBC interview “The Panorama Interview”, Lady Di spoke about the book and described her feelings when she learned about the content of the pages.


“He was a great friend of mine in a very difficult time, another difficult time, and he was always there to support me, and I was absolutely devastated when this book came out, because I trusted him and because, again, I worried about the reaction. in my children” says the princess. Lady Di still says that there was a lot of fantasy in the book and that it saddened her that a friend she trusted made money with her.


When the interviewer asks if she was unfaithful, she reveals: 'Yes, I was in love with him'.

James Gilbey

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On New Year's Eve 1989, a phone conversation between Diana and James was taped and the scandal was inevitable and even given a name, Squidgygate.


According to News.com.au, during the call James says “Kiss me, please. Do you know what I'm imagining I'm doing tonight, around 12 o'clock? Just holding you close to me.”


Among the pet nicknames, James calls Diana “darling” several times on roll call. However, the level of relationship between the two was not known, according to the publication, Gilbey himself denied that he had an affair with the princess.


Camilla Parker Bowles

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Today she is the Princess of Cornwall, but for a long time she and Charles had a relationship while he was still with Diana. The case is even openly reported during the series "The Crown".


In fact, according to News.com.au, the connection between Diana and James ceased to be so prominent only when a call from Charles and Camilla began to dominate the spotlight and gained the name "Camillagate".


Camilla and Charles were married in 2005 and are still together today.

oliver hoare

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According to The Mirror, Oliver and Diana had an affair in 1992, a few months before the end of the Princess and Charles' marriage.


Hoare was an art dealer, 16 years older than the Princess and, according to the publication, their relationship began after Diana's father died in March of that year.



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