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11 Fascinating facts about the youth of Princess Diana

Learn more about Diana's childhood before she became part of British royalty
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Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales, was an admired woman. Although her life in royalty is well known, few people know about her childhood and how she became the adored Lady Diana .

We have separated 11 facts about your youth so you know more about it!

1- The queen was his neighbor

Diana was born in Park House, on the Sandringham estate, next to the house of Elizabeth II.

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2. She was not called Lady Diana in the beginning.

When Diana was born, her father (who is now known as Earl Spencer) still did not have that title. Therefore, his daughters (Diana, Sarah and Jane) did not have the title of "lady".

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3. She was baptized in a very famous church

Diana's baptism took place in the St. Mary Magdalene Church of Sandringham, used by the royal family for Christmas for decades. This church was even chosen for the baptism of Princess Charlotte.

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4- She had an older brother she had never met

Eighteen months before Diana's birth, her parents had a baby named John, who unfortunately died shortly after giving birth. So much so that his parents expected his next daughter to be a boy, since they needed an heir to the Spencer title.

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5. His first friends were from the royal family.

With the closeness to royalty, Diana spent much of her childhood watching much of the royal family, especially Prince Andrew, who is only a year older than her.

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6. She was educated at home, first

Like many upper-class families at the time, her family began with Diana's education from the nursery. Her first lessons were given at Park House by the housekeeper Gertrude Allen, who had already taken care of her mother.

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7- Your first school no longer exists

Diana attended elementary school in a village school, called Silfield, which was closed in 2004.

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8 The sound of gravel haunted her.

When her parents separated, Diana was only six, and the moment had a profound effect on her and her siblings. In the biography of Penny Junor, she recounts that the princess remembered hearing the sound of gravel when her mother left the house.

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9- She loved water

Diana proved promising in swimming and diving, standing out in both.

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10- Your kindness was noticed in school

At West Heath, she received the award for the girl who most helped the school and her classmates.

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11- She lived in Switzerland for a while

Diana moved to Switzerland to finish school, she studied at the Institut Alpin Videmanette in Rougemont until 1978, when she returned to London.

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