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"The Snow Queen" Disney succeeds in doing better than the first film

Disney ran a big risk when it released a sequel to "The Snow Queen", six years after the first film, thanks to which the company generated the biggest recipes in the history of cinema. And yet, the bet is successful through ingredients even better worked than in the first part. Humor, emotions, admirable values, and heady songs ... It's off for a ride.
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Four years is the time it took for Disney to create The Frozen 2 , the continuation of the adventures of sisters Elsa and Anna, and their friends Kristoff, Olaf and Sven. A risky challenge, when you know that the first installment released in 2013 and inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's eponymous tale, literally hit the box office, raising nearly $ 1.3 billion and becoming - until the release of remake of the Lion King last July - the most lucrative animated film in history. More than just children's entertainment, this original creation has quickly turned into a global phenomenon. And if one would have thought it would have been difficult to do better than the first film, the magic operates again. Visually beautiful, the sequel of The Snow Queen , at the cinema on Wednesday, November 20, manages to do even better than the first film.

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An extraordinary adventure

While all was well that ended well at the end of the first part, The Frozen 2 takes her heroines and their acolytes in a new extraordinary adventure. The plot takes place three years later, so the characters grew up. Elsa is queen of Arendelle, and her sister Anna lives a modern love affair with Kristoff. In summary: everyone seems to live peacefully in the kingdom of Arendelle. But from the first scenes, we understand that a danger threatens this little paradise. Elsa hears a melody that no one else can hear. She tries to turn a deaf ear, but this call intensifies, so that her kingdom is threatened. She will have no choice but to venture with her friends to distant lands where her powers will be severely tested. And especially in an enchanted forest that his father and grandfather had crossed even before his birth, and which contains heavy secrets about the family past. During this journey, Elsa will meet new creatures, like the crisp salamander Bruni or the impressive giants of the Earth made of rock.

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Always good ingredients

Humor, sadness, magic, reversals of situation, magical decorations ... Many were the ingredients to have made The Snow Queen an unequaled production. If the narrative structure does not differ from the first chapter, this sequel to the autumnal color palette highlights sorority and demonstrates that heroes have matured. They will have to face their destiny and emancipate themselves, even if they disagree with their elders. Current values that resonate perfectly with the evolution of society. For more intriguing plots, characters in doubt, and animated scenes of a deep realism that would sometimes give the impression of having been shot in real shots. Disney strikes hard with this show with breathtaking technological prowess as evidenced by the sequences with Nokk, mythical spirit of water that takes the shape of a horse difficult to tame. Humor is also very present in these adventures. And the snowman Olaf, who thanks to the new permafrost can enjoy the summer heat, is to die of laughter. If the first 20 minutes of the film are cruelly lacking in action and life, it's his character and his humor that saves the day.

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A necessary sequel

In addition to taking the audience on a new adventure punctuated with moments of strong humor, love, and strong emotions, The Frozen 2 answers several questions left unresolved in the first part. What happened to Elsa and Anna's parents when they died? Why does Elsa have magical powers? And why this type of frosted powers? So many questions that history answers, making this story a must in the first film. Much more than a sequel trying to surf on the success of the first part, The Frozen 2 manages to surpass it with a story full of logic.

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New iconic songs

If parents thought they were done with the heady chorus "Liberated, Delivered" that was awarded the Oscar for the best original song in 2014, they will not be at the end of their sentence. Seven new songs have been thought and calibrated to be hummed in the playgrounds. Starting with "In another world" tailored to seduce fans of Disney , but that could - eventually - annoy because of flights that sometimes rise too much in the treble. On the other hand, not sure that this last one manages to make forget "Libéré, delivered" to the point of replacing it. Answer in a few months.

The Snow Queen 2, November 20, 2019 at the cinema.

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