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The sexy rock stars of Dries Van Noten

Autumn-Winter 2020 to the rhythm of music
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The street is the stage of the man Dries Van Noten , directly "exited" from the punk rock underground scene of the early 80s - New York Dolls, Stooges, Ramones and a pinch of Jagger. A man aware of his sex appeal, mixes different styles and eras, does not fear the use of platform boots à la Ziggy, and plays with styles, from the combo panta in velvet and perfecto in leather to boxer trainers and rings with large stones with an eighteenth-century shape, while the ruffles and folds of the garments are held in place by clasps and brooches of diamonds. And yet the shirt of the checkered Texan country singer is adorned with crystals, the spotted print baggy trousers go arm in arm with a heavy-knit V-pull, and vice versa the yellow-based spotted nail collides with the pink of the velvet blouse and the tight-fitting trousers in wool tweed. The color palette is bold and classic at the same time, if there are looks where the colors are bright, they are diluted with small darker touches, orange and red with vinyl black for example, while the colors of the earth mitigate the pastels, such as lilac, candy pink and peach. The military bomber and the parka, the long plaid overcoats, the ultra slim crombie coat - the Beatles' favorite - were a tribute to all lovers of Dries outerwear. Rethink the Hawaiian-style prints on down jackets, shirts, shorts and pants, as well as the tiger print, which will roar again this season. The accessories that contrast most are the large ski hats and the faux fur collars, and also the shoulder straps for him, the studded belts, all with applications always in fake fur. A collection without rules, where inspiration is flexed in a passionate marriage between the formal and the wardrobe of the musician.



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