Who would have thought that one swimsuit would become an Instagram star?

This swimsuit is not only sunny beaches, but also instagram.
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This holiday season has revived the trend of one-piece swimwear, from minimalist athletic, vintage-style high-cut panties to asymmetrical haircuts. But the most coveted beachwear this year is not a reflection of the latest and most original trends, but rather a simple two-tone Chanel swimsuit.


The black-and-white swimsuit is characterized by vertical color distribution and a contrasting double C letter logo on the chest. Maudomuk was unveiled at Chanel in 2019. in the spring and summer collection. This time, it was showcased as a sweatshirt - matched with wide short jeans, a short cardigan, a black belt strap, a straw hat, and plastic padded sandals.

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Photo by Chanel.com

The price of the unexpectedly popular swimsuit is modest - € 960, but social networking stars are showing off one by one. What made it so popular? Lately, Chanel is one of the most sought after fashion houses, a kind of high-end, great-sense of style, sophistication and timeless classic. In addition, Chanel has been struggling to reach the younger generation of customers for a while, looking for faces to collaborate on new products and promotion.

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