Who is the gorgeous Lily-Rose Depp really?

Lily-Rose Depp knows better than anyone what it is like to be in the spotlight. You get that when your parents are Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. A conversation with the 19-year-old actress about fame, acting, dual nationality and love.
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Lily-Rose looks in the mirror and prepares for the shoot. Photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino, who has portrayed her so many times, has a chat with the young actress. Next to her are a make-up artist and a hairdresser who have known Lily-Rose from the moment she was in the cradle. In an hour they will have transformed her into a glamorous model, but for the time being she looks like a small petite bird, with her round face, porcelain skin and big brown eyes. "In this profession you spend so much time looking at yourself that you end up blocking on details that you would never notice in someone else," she sighs. She brushes a lock of hair out of her face and squeezes her eyes a little when she mumbles that she hasn't slept enough in the run-up to this photo session.

'Why do I love acting so much? Maybe because that is the only place where I can really let myself go '

Lily-Rose Depp is nineteen, almost twenty. But still a teenager. She radiates something youthfully casual, but what is particularly striking is her curiosity. In this way she asks more questions than she gives answers: a handy trait - consciously or unconsciously - to protect herself against what could be said or written about her. Her tactics are to expose as little as possible than words cannot be taken out of context. Yet we gradually learn more about her, about life in the spotlight and her passion for film, for example. But also about cameras, which she actually thinks are crazy phenomena: 'The more a camera gets closer, the more it betrays you. You have to be subtle and careful because even the slightest clumsy gesture is visible, don't you think? " She asks us, but she herself, a young woman who has been focusing on telephoto lenses since birth, of course knows that better than anyone.

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It is impossible to look at Lily-Rose without thinking about her parents. She has the eyes of Johnny Depp and the voice and the pretty face of her mother, Vanessa Paradis. She tenderly calls her 'the most beautiful woman in the world'. She says that as a little girl she always looked at her mother when she was getting ready to go out. No, her parents are not a taboo subject and she does not experience their fame as a heavy yoke. If she talks little about them it is mainly because she cherishes the privacy of her family. A number of things just have to remain secret, she explains: "Not everything is public." Then she talks about her profession: "Why do I love acting so much? Maybe because that is the only place where I can really let myself go. " Even when she talks about films, the actress instantly seems freer and less reserved.

This is evident when she starts talking about L'Homme Fidèle (2018), a Louis Garrel film in which she plays a young woman in love. She describes how wonderful it was to arouse and portray that fiery, almost adolescent feeling of falling in love. That passion, the intensity, the passion ... the words tumble over her lips when she talks about love. And for a moment the emotion seems to take over from reason: aloud she wonders what makes her master when she is in love. She pauses for a moment. Would she think of Timothée Chalamet, the young actor with whom she seems to have an early relationship? She seems shocked by her sudden frankness and says, amused and semi-apologetic, that her American side was given the upper hand.

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'They use fewer words there, but they talk too much! Depending on the language I speak "(Lily-Rose speaks English and French fluently)" I have a different voice and even a different personality. As a Frenchwoman, I think I am a little more mysterious! "


Anyone who thought that Lily-Rose with her dual nationality could sometimes feel torn between France and America is wrong: in both countries she can do well. Comes through her zodiac sign Gemini, she jokes. Yet she admits that she feels more independent in France because she can move more freely there. 'As a teenager, someone in America always had to come with me: when I went for a walk, did some shopping, had a coffee. Everywhere.' And she is also more interested in French cinema than the American version. That's what she calls the cult film La Boum, with Sophie Marceau in the lead, her favorite film: "I've seen it ten times, together with my mother." Comedian Louis de Funès is her favorite actor. But in the meantime Lily-Rose is also making her name as an actress.

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Since her role in La Danseuse (2016), where she was noticed three years ago at the Cannes festival, she has played various roles. She was screened the same year in Planetarium , together with Natalie Portman, played forbidden games with Laurent Lafitte in Les Fauves ( 2018) and she will soon shine in the role of Catherine de Valois in the Netflix production The King , along with rumored boyfriend Timothée Chalamet. 'I like films that make you both dreaming and thinking. Films that do not provide all the answers. I prefer mystery, so that the viewer has the space to imagine things. " Lily-Rose is still sitting in front of the mirror. She is almost ready for the photo session. She smiles, strokes her hair again and stands up. She walks towards the set: half-glamorous model, half-bird.


Photography: Jean-Baptiste Mondino
Jennifer Eymère styling
Hair: Alexandry Costa
Makeup: Christophe Danchaud
Manicure: Anny Arrandonea
Assistants photography: Edwige Bultinck, Alex Orjecovschi
Assistant styling: Alizée Hénot

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