With Eva Chen, Instagram is at the forefront of the Paris SS20 fashion shows

Eva Chen is the coolest of the "fashion nerds". The Paris Spring-Summer 2020 fashion shows have just ended, but we can't help but revisit her most beautiful looks.
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Who is Eva Chen?

For those who still don't know, Eva Chen is the director of Instagram's fashion partnerships, the most popular of social media. Born in 1980, the fashion director is New Yorker by birth, wuth Taiwanese origins. After a long experience in the editorial offices of various fashion magazines as a fashion editor, in 2015 Eva joined the Instagram team, which decided to focus on her knowledge of the fashion system, in order to develop one of most profitable for the company, owned by Facebook . Not everyone knows that many of the new features of Instagram, such as the Instagram Shop function and the possibility of Shop fashion looks directly from the images, in the instagram influencer feed (a feature that is still being tested and not available for all countries), were wanted and introduced by her.
Eva Chen does not miss a fashion show (and does not miss a look), always looking for emerging brands, partnerships and innovative ideas for Instagram users. For those in search of continuous inspiration and the latest fashion trends, following her Instagram account is almost mandatory.

Here is a selection of the most beautiful looks (and brands to discover!) worn by her during the last Fashion Week in Paris.

Sies Marjan dress and Paris Texas boots

Monse dress and Paris Texas boots

Rejyna Pyo dress and Tamara Mellon boots

Marina Moscone dress and Adidas Originals sneakers

Lesyanebo dress and Adidas Originals sneakers

Theo Officiel dress and Dior shoes for the Business of Fashion Gala

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