Denim guide: the best shoes for every style of jeans

Check out a guide for your next jeans outfit
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Global passion! Jeans are great allies of a versatile wardrobe and throughout history have become best friends with fashion lovers. In a more stripped down versions - like boyfriend jeans - or more refined (perfect options for a day at work) - like flare pants. But which shoes go with which type?


Check out a guide below:

Boyfriend pants + High Heels

The union between classic and modern! If you are looking for a casual style, but without set aside elegance and adapt to different occasions, bet on this one

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Pantacourt pants + sandal with ankle strap

For warmer days, nothing beats pantacourt pants! They bring a fashionista and relaxed touch to the outfit, but they are still a safe and refined options. To match, strappy sandals are ideal to keep the look fresh and elegant.

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Flare pants + sneakers

The flare pants came back with everything taking us directly to the stylish 70s! Exquisite, they bring a powerful look to everyday life when used with sneakers, especially those that have a retro aesthetic.

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Baggy jeans + pointy boots

How not to love more casual looks with loose jeans with a full of movement, like the baggy one? To bring more refinement and a perfect look for the winter, pointy boots are the perfect choice! They can bring prints, bold details and even low heels for those who want a wild and comfortable look!

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Straight pants + Square sandals

Perfect for casual events like brunch or happy hour, the wide leg pants bring a relaxed and fashionista look. This aesthetic that stretches the silhouette looks amazing with square sandals.

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Mom Jeans + Moccasins

For a look that guess all the right measure: moccasins become great allies of mom jeans!

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Slit jeans + Strappy sandal

For who looks for fun, jeans with slits are the ideal bet! But, which shoes are the perfect match? Simple! Choose the ones with ankle straps that bring greater attention to this leg's part.

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White jeans + black pumps

Betting on contrasts will make your looks even more daring and fashion forward; so when wearing white jeans, nothing better than a boot or a black pumps to make the look powerful!

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