What is the drink behind the longevity of Queen Elizabeth II?

The monarch takes a cup every day
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At age 92, Queen Elizabeth II is wasting good shape. Whereas most people retire at 60, while the monarch has spent 67 years on the throne, we can only assume that she has some kind of incredible secret for a long and healthy life.

And reading between the lines, I think we have discovered exactly the secret: a glass of champagne every day. According to the queen's cousin, Margaret Rhodes , the monarch is accustomed to having a glass of champagne at every dinner. Although we do not know your exact brand of choice, there are eight brands that have received Royal Warrants - the British seal for suppliers to the royal family. These include Bollinger, Lanson, Moet & Chandon , Veuve Cliquot , Laurent Perrier, Krug, all of whom were awarded the seal after having been regular suppliers to the Royal House for several years.

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Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @royalfamily

Containing fewer calories than wine, and having been discovered in a scientific study to aid memory (unless you drink too much, of course), we can see why champagne is the Queen's favorite drink.

But champagne is not the only alcohol the monarch drinks on a daily basis. According to his former chef Darren McGrady, Her Majesty likes a gin and Dubonnet (a sweet wine-based appetizer) with a slice of lemon and a bunch of ice just before lunch. During lunch, Queen Elizabeth is also known for having a glass of wine or a dry gin martini.

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