What is the Astrodiet and how to eat better according to its sign

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Unlike many common diets, which are passed on from the body's needs for growth and evolution, the "Astrodiet" takes into account your entire astral chart. According to astrologer Inna Lyubimova, the recommendations are made individually, but from your sign you can identify some general rules. Check out some!


This sign requires eating a lot of protein and at least once a day adding meat to the diet - except mutton. Light exercise is recommended before the first meal as it will be more productive for the body.




A fan of the gourmet style, but, one should avoid overeating. The first step to optimal taurine nutrition is to exclude the consumption of flour, and to follow up after the three main meals nature walks are good bets.



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Gemini is not harmed by carbohydrate consumption, especially bread and cereals, however late dining should be avoided. Breakfast is the main meal of this sign, otherwise sleep quality may be lost.




Cancer has the stomach as the weak point of the body, so eating healthy foods and having a balanced diet is essential. The ideal is to exclude harmful foods such as sweets and flour from the routine.


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For the best food intake, leonins need a comfortable environment. The patron of this sign, the sun, requires this kind of care. The diet should be high in protein and physical exercise should be before meals.




For the Virginian, the peaceful and pleasant environment is of utmost importance - both when preparing food and eating. Ingestion of fermented dairy and dairy products as well as cereals and fruits is recommended. Physical exercises should be done before meals.




Libras should have a light diet based on lean meat, fish and cottage cheese. Eliminating sugar and starch is also of great importance, and replacing coffee and tea with pure water. The exercises should be done after the meal.



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People of this sign should exclude spicy foods and spices from the diet, but on the bright side they should include meat and seafood. Exercise after meals.




Sagittarians should maintain intuitive power, avoid eating fast or overeating. People of this sign are happy to know various types of gastronomy, however, tend to ignore jupiter amounts, which can lead to overweight.




The health and mood of Capricorns is directly linked to their diet, so eating in quiet surroundings is of utmost importance. Do not exclude meat from your diet, for it comes energy. Exercise should be done before meals.


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Seek light foods such as lean meat, fish and cereals. Try different recipes, aquarium people are ruled by creativity and everything that is non-standard. Physical exercises should be done regularly.




Avoid skipping meals, especially before training. In addition, Pisces should include seafood and cauliflower in the diet and should feed in the company of pleasant people.

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