Victoria's Secret Show is officially over

It's officially confirmed that Victoria's Secret shows will no longer be held!
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As you might recall, in recent months, there has been speculations about the iconic shows of Victoria's Secret - which has taken great place within fashion industry. There has been said they will not longer be held due to the decline on the number of audiences. According to Victoria's Secret's parent company, L Brands, Victoria's Secret shows yearly broadcast on the night of December 31 hava always attracted the interest of people all over the world. However, we would say goodbye to them from now on. Even though L Brands tied this farewell to cable networks no longer suitable for Victoria's Secret and the decrease of viewers since 2001, there have been other reasons behind this decision, such as the brand being criticized for not being inclusive and open to different concepts, in short, to contemporary values.

L Brands said the capital investment for Victoria's Secret has been largely withdrawn. The company acknowledged a decline in Victoria's Secret performance, saying that customers will be re-branded and improvements will be made.

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