University creates course to teach how to dress like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

Glasgow University has created an online course dedicated to British royal fashion
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Fan of Kate Middleton's dresses or Meghan Markle's style? Now you can study fashion and learn how to dress like them - and, best of all, for free!


The University of Glasgow has just announced the five-week "Royal Fashion Course", which is dedicated to looking at how British kings and queens have influenced fashion over the past 500 years to the present day.

The focus will also be on royal style etiquette and how royals use fashion to "control, entertain and impress". Students will also have access to the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, as well as sketches of the Royal Family's most famous looks.


Each week will be dedicated to a different dynasty, passing through the Tudors to the Victorian period. The last week will be just about the WIndsors, including Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. The look will be on how "they deal with the fashion, diplomacy and expectations of an era of mass media and celebrities" with the goal of bringing these teachings to real life.


No need to travel to Glasgow! You can register by clicking here . And good studies!



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