TikTok trend that is dominating fashion: sweaters

The application already has more than more than 832 thousand searches for the trend
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Have you ever surrendered to Tik Tok ? The platform is now one of the biggest launchers of trends in music, behavior and even style! With generation Z increasingly engaged in the network - and all other generations migrating to it thanks to their fun videos - apparently everything that goes viral on the app has started to gain worldwide prominence. After several challenges (the so-called "challenges") of series dances and dubbing, a new fashion trend was highlighted: the sweaters.

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Jogê shirt (Photo: Disclosure)

Just search for the term “nightgown” on Tik Tok and you will find more than 832 thousand similar searches, with powerful models ranging from the most current and fashionistas to those that bring typical vintage looks from the 50s.


Best of all, the piece stands out not only for being comfortable and perfect for a day of many Tik Toks and series on Netflix, but also for its possibility of gaining the look street status, with some accessories and a powerful model. Check below who already adopted and some Brazilian brands to find the pieces!








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