Why do grandmothers inspire trends?

How not to love this retro aesthetic that dominates the season?
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Inspirational and fun, grannies are increasingly in the spotlight in fashion. This season, several “grandmother” trends are gaining in importance, whether to bring a more classic aesthetic or even recreate vintage looks while charming. We have selected the 7 most inspiring trends for you. Discover them!

Bikinis inspired by lingerie

Exquisite and vintage style, bikinis inspired by lingerie are gaining more and more importance. With several models and options on the market, they have become the favorites of the most powerful fashionistas in the world.

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Photo: Instagram @alyssainthecity
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Photo: Instagram @lefevrediary
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Photo: Instagram @alyssainthecity

Retro sunglasses

What's not to love with retro sunglasses? With an offer of several incredible variations, these models have become the perfect accessory to transform a simple look into a completely modern and fashionista outfit.

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Photo: Instagram @maria_bernad
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Photo: Instagram @chrissyford
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Photo: Instagram @chainkyr


Classic and full of charm! Cardigans have returned to the forefront this season with stylish variations, in a cropped waistline and snug to the body. The result is final to ensure a modern and sexy look.

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Photo: Instagram @ali_tate_cutler
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Photo: Instagram @barbarakristoffersen
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Photo: Instagram @camillecharriere

Thick gold jewelry

From chains to rings to bracelets, sturdy golden jewelry has become the favorites of influencers. What was once considered a grandmother's finery has now acquired the status of ultra trendy!

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Photo: Instagram @chainkyr
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Photo: Instagram @thatsaleaf
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Photo: Instagram @rosiehw

Sweaters worn on the shoulders

Who could have predicted that off-the-shoulder sweaters would win the hearts of so many fashionistas? Today, this yesteryear trick is known to spice up your allure, bringing an interesting new layer of clothing and a new style to all your looks.

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Photo: Instagram @louiweng
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Photo: Instagram @fundachristophersen

Printed silk scarves

Printed scarves have become the new best friends of it-girls. This season, the silk versions are even more popular! Whether it is to bring more refinement to your silhouette or even for the retro aesthetic it creates: we adhere.

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Photo: Instagram @maria_bernad
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Photo: Instagram @louiweng


A true symbol of elegance! Pearls have made a comeback, emerging as the season's most exquisite accessories. Another advantage: they harmonize with several clothing productions, being great allies for women since the dawn of time. For the more daring, we dare the cascade of necklaces for example.

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Photo: Instagram @annawinck

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