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British Fashion Awards in London
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The ceremony was held at the Royal Albert Hall with the participation of celebrities from the world of fashion and art. Every year for more than 30 years, the British Fashion Council has been presenting awards in several categories - those who create fashion and those who inspire them.

Of course, the audience is always looking forward to which of the stars will be declared an icon of style. Let’s shatter this intrigue right away - the Naomi Campbell super model received the Icon Award. She appeared on the red carpet in an Alexander McQueen dress. A long outfit with embroidery with shiny threads on black lace made her look like an Egyptian princess. The author of this magnificent dress - creative director of Alexander McQueen Sarah Burton was also not left without a well-deserved award - she was awarded the prestigious Trailblazer Prize.

The British Fashion Awards has an element of unpredictability. Although, as a result, awards are received by all who are obviously worthy, the intrigue still remains until the last moment.

This time, the main character of the evening was Italian designer Giorgio Armani. The maestro received an award for outstanding contributions to world fashion. On the red carpet, he led his beautiful admirer, actress Julia Roberts, under the arm.

Bottega Veneta creative director Daniel Lee became the leader in the number of awards. He was recognized as the best designer of the year, the best designer of women's clothing, as well as the best designer of accessories. Yes, you definitely cannot argue with this choice - with the Bottega Veneta bag, nicknamed our dumpling in our homeland, all famous stylists and fashion bloggers appeared at social parties in the past year.

And finally, another victory of 33-year-old Daniel Lee, which he shared with the leaders of the Italian brand, was the "Best Brand of the Year" award awarded by Bottega Veneta.

Rosete Huntington-Whiteley model shone in a golden Bottega Veneta dress on the red carpet.

In the nomination “Urban brand”, the best were recognized by the Fenty brand of singer Rihanna. This choice is also indisputable - Rihanna has shown herself in fashion as talented as in music. Her jewelry collection for Fenty, consisting of cameo jewelery - a contemporary appeal to the past - is beyond praise.


Among business leaders, Moncler brand CEO Remo Ruffini was noted, who for this year really showed courage, excitement and ingenuity, having managed to make the down jacket a noticeable part of the art of fashion. The most striking designers and contemporary artists rethought the different models of Moncler down jackets - and the down jacket became a fetish.

The Rising Star Award was received by 30-year-old designer Bethany Williams. Previously, a talented girl became the winner of the Elizabeth II Award for British Design, which is awarded to British designers for their contribution to environmental protection.

The best model of the year was named 19-year-old Adut Akech. A girl from Australia was born when her family was forced to flee from South Sudan. Once Adut even said that inside she would always remain a refugee, but she would receive a decent education and her mother would be proud of her. She kept her word - went to study and work. In a short time, Adut Akech has become one of the most sought-after models in the world. Surely, her mother more than once experienced pride in her daughter - when she stood on the stage of the Royal Albert Hall with an award in her hands.

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