The most fashionable autumn boots for those who aim elegance

One of the most attractive accessories of the autumn season is long boots, which give the image elegance and aristocratic posture.
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When the autumn wardrobe is established in our closets, we also change our shoes. Lightweight ballerina-type shoes, sneakers and moccasins are gradually shrinking, and instead we choose boots, boots, classic loafers, oxforts or warmer sneakers. This year, the footwear trends focus on boots with a thick and rough sole, but alternatives to those with a closer classic style will also find alternatives to fashionable autumn shoes. So what elegant long-sleeved model is the most fashionable in 2020. in the fall?

In the autumn-winter season, it is suggested to choose shoes with boots reaching to the knees or a little below them. Although fashionable and long up to half the thighs, the shorter ones are more comfortable - they do not shrink and allow you to bend your legs more freely across the knees. In addition, the off-road boots retain the most fashionable shape of the boot - distributed and rigid. Such a sole is not attached to the calf as if it were a second skin, it is straight and slightly wider, and the stiff skin (or leather substitute) gives the sole a clear cylindrical shape. This type of boot is characterized by a straight and high to medium height heel and a pointed front.

You can confidently combine such boots with different clothes. They will look nice with both short or midi length dresses and skirts, and with jeans or skinny pants (tie the ends of your knees or jeans into the boot). Don’t forget the fashionable tulips, if you like this type of pants, high heels with a long, stiff leather upper - a great choice because they will not only look stylish, but will also help create the illusion of longer legs.



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