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Cowboy boots, or Cossacks - boots that have become a new classic. If a few years ago everyone was wary of them, now they can be found in every girl's wardrobe.
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When asked what the Cossacks are best worn with, we will answer: “With everything!”. And now we will prove it to you.


The Calvin Klein Autumn / Winter show in 2017 was especially popular with the Cossacks, then under the leadership of Raf Simons. He created knee-length Cossacks with contrasting details and silver appliqué on the square toe of the boot. Although three years have passed since the show, but these are the models that are relevant now, and you can buy them without fear.


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Now the Cossacks can be found in the collections of almost every brand. We advise you to pay special attention to such fashion houses as Burberry, Fendi, Saint Laurent, as well as mass markets such as Zara, Mango, & Other Stories. But the most common Cossacks are found at Isabel Marant. The French brand specializes in boho-style clothing, so the presence of cowboy boots in all the collections of the fashion house is not surprising. Even at the recent Spring / Summer 2021 collection, there were only two positions among shoes - Cossacks and open sandals. Boho is impossible to imagine without a couple of Cossacks.


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We can see how other brands with this style of clothing suggest wearing Cossacks. Besides Isabel Marant, Etro also adores boho. If you consider yourself to be a lover of this style, watch the lookbooks of this brand's collection at a run. In the first photo, take the idea of combining contrast. Knee-length black Cossacks with a plain bag and a loose dress with a fitted jacket in a light beige shade are a great example of how to wear such midi-length boots. The second option is to tuck the trousers into the Cossacks. The color of the shoes echoes the colors on the jacket and pants, and also indulges the shade of the bag. Everything looks organic and bohemian chic. Denim shorts can and should also be worn both with long Cossacks and ankle-deep. For the third look, the stylists decided to play with a mixture of prints - Vichy checks and stripes. Tuck a long shirt casually into your shorts, grab a long-handled bag, and you're done. Do not forget to add accessories - chains hanging almost to the waist, bracelets, belts with ties. Boho stars are preferred by Sienna Miller, the Olsen and Kate Moss sisters.


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Catwalk looks are much different from everyday looks. We may be inspired by the looks from fashion shows, but we recommend completely repeating them only to the most daring fashion fans. Louis Vuitton had a lot of Cossacks in the fall 2020 collection. Each of them has interesting colors and styles. In general, the show can be characterized as something sci-fi, and the main idea is a look from the past. We repeat a more budgetary image.


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Twinset Coat, Ganni Cossacks, Frankie Shop Dress, Asos Design Chain, Hugo Watch

You can also look for casual Cossack looks with stylish bloggers and influencers. Observation is the main component of good taste, therefore, it is highly recommended to look through successful bows with the thing you need. Matilda Jerf in the first photo to the black Cossacks put on a leather jacket and loose trousers. It turned out to be a good look, reminiscent of the style of the 90s.

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Matilda Djerf @matildadjerf, Veronica Ferraro @veronicaferraro, Xenia Adonts @xeniaadonts, Alicia Roddy @lissyroddyy
  • Veronica Ferraro from Italy opts for a patent coat and basic straight jeans in a cold autumn, which looks perfect with her short boots. The image would have looked too simple if it were not for the silver details on the Cossacks and the matching Christian Dior handbag.
  • Frenchwoman Ksenia Adons chose the most cowboy version of the Cossacks - suede light brown knee-length boots. For them, the girl chose a men's cut jacket 1-2 sizes larger than her own and light blue jeans. Upstairs you can wear anything, even a short top, even a T-shirt. Choose the color at your discretion too.
  • Another lover of oversized jackets is Alisha Roddy. In this look, she has collected the most popular trends - a headscarf, her father's jacket, a baggy bag-dumpling, glasses with rectangular frames and, of course, the Cossacks. By the way, white shoes are also very fashionable for several seasons. The boots take all the attention to themselves, which is what Alisha was counting on.
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Girls with a romantic nature should also pay attention to the Cossacks. See how beautiful they look with flying dresses and skirts. The contrasting combination of airy and rough has never failed. Wear lightweight wrap skirts and warm pastel-colored jumpers. “Rural” dresses look good both with long Cossacks and ankle-deep. From prints, small floral, pea or animalistic, for example, a zebra or leopard, are suitable. You can wear a black leather jacket with a romantic dress, then the image will sparkle in a new way.


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