The beautiful breakaways of Michael Kors

Being chic at the seaside is luxuriously expressed in the Michael Kors Collection Spring line. Precious fabrics and rich colours combined with a summer vibe, at once we can feel ourselves under Capri’s sun.
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A seductive and captivating collection, to render the summer spirit endless.

Glittery dotted fabrics, immaculate laces in total look, colourful beach sets tailored to the city and evening gowns for endless nights under the stars: this is the sophisticated style of Michael Kors Collection. Expressing a perfectionism counterbalanced by the nonchalance of an endless afternoon in the sun. Even for exuberant glamourous pieces, such as this slinky jumpsuit with flared trousers, simply spectacular. We can feel in each of these colourful pieces the Italian joy of life, that conquers the wardrobes around the world. Glittery bustiers and nonchalant jersey dresses, rich embroideries on minidresses invite to a stunning never-ending summer vibe.

"Keep the holiday attitude with you, even long after your plane has landed at the heart of everyday life," advises Michael Kors. Far from any whim, this indulgence should be able to seduce well beyond the beaches...


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