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We meet Amber Valletta during the presentation of her make-up line created with Douglas.
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Icon, super model and actress Amber Valletta at 45 is one of the most famous faces in the world, this season protagonist of the campaign of Saint Laurent just to name one.
She welcomes us smiling, wrapped in a suit with a masculine cut but pink, she has a determined look but a sweet way of doing, she does not spare herself in the answers and even if she is in Milan for the launch of her make-up capsule she accepts also talk about fashion and a very special friend of his: Karl Lagerfeld.


Let's talk about the capsule collection you signed for Douglas.
I started with a natural trick, simple to enhance the beauty of everyone.
It is a type of make-up that is perfect for all skin tones, it adapts, makes the skin luminous and gives you the opportunity to choose what to emphasize on your face.


You're a supermodel, an icon, an actress, but who is really Amber Valletta?
I am a mother, I love being close to my loved ones and my friends.
Right now I'm a combination of many things: I'm working on myself to constantly improve, be generous, respectful, open minded.
I cry easily but I think it's positive, I'm trying to take things less on the personal, I'm pragmatic, I think we have to be creative and dream.

What is your beauty routine?
I believe in new technologies like lasers and ultraviolet and I follow a healthy diet. I take care of the skin with suitable creams and my body, I practice sport and I meditate.

Tell me about your style?
Classic "with an edge"

You have worked with Karl Lagerfeld many times, do you have a special memory to share with us?
I have many beautiful stories with Karl, he was the first designer, along with Gianni Versace, to want me as a model, he was a special, unique, incredibly intelligent man, a magician. It is a great loss but he is an icon, he will live forever.

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