Style: The "Good Vibes" of Michael Kors

This season, Michael Kors Collection presents a new spring line full of optimism and shiny touches. A truly luminous and positive collection that brings everyone to the beach.
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Glamour and nonchalance illuminate the Riviera in the Michael Kors Collection spring line.

Women who already know Michael Kors Collection are aware that it is made of clear-cut and versatile pieces. Far from fashion theories and intellectual approaches, the brand cultivates its own style. Inspired to dreamy turquoise waters, blue skies and sunshine, the Spring 2019 Collection is not an exception. Red watermelons, yellow lemons, acid green or khakis, the bright colours of this line also include bold shapes. This optimistic palette is enriched with floral paintings, aquatic motifs and weaves. Opulent brocades are also tinged with romance, flared shapes and cargo pants adorned with jewellery embroidery. In fact, luxury is essential in this sportswear spirit and glamour adopts a relaxing attitude.

Spectacular fringed suede pieces, immaculate English embroidery sets, fully crocheted dresses and knit bobs or printed capelins, also evoke the free fragrance and good vibes of the 70s.

"I think that fashion should bring joy," says Michael Kors, "and what better than that special time of the year, when days get longer and warmer? ". This was a colourful yet obvious exercise for the creator, after he returned from a stay in the French Polynesia during the design of this collection. His first underwater print in 37 years couldn’t have been done without experiencing these paradisiacal landscapes in Bora Bora and Tetiaroa.

All the dream beaches come to life in this collection. With no exception, we can recognize inspiration from Malibu's cool casual surfwear, Copacabana's sexy beachwear or even from Saint Tropez and Nice's fancy style... And it is not a coincidence that the shooting of this campaign took place in the famous Hotel Negresco, in Nice.

This sunny collection is all about the spirit of the creator that expresses one of his passions: if he had retired from fashion, he would probably have created a chain of beach clubs. Chic spots all around the globe, from Malibu to Saint Tropez and even to the small precious enclave of Tamarama (East of Sydney), he confessed during the presentation.

"Wearing these clothes, I would like you to feel optimistic, comfortable and ready to conquer the world," Michael Kors concludes for his clients. Colour, prints and shapes, an ode to nature ... There is joy in this collection, but also just what to wear this season. "

"Wearing these clothes, I would like you to feel optimistic, at ease and ready to conquer the world..." Michael Kors.

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