"Stella McCartney Shared" the genderless collection that celebrates younger generation

Stella McCartney Goes Genderless With Latest Capsule Collection
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The new capsule collection by Stella McCartney “Stella McCartney Shared” launched this week on StellaMcCartney.com, in the brand’s directly operated stores worldwide and at select wholesale accounts, representing at best the fluidity and innate connection with future generations in which the brand’s style and values are found.

With the purpose of celebrating individuality, diversity and positivity, the collection aims to embody the spirit of those who wants to use their voices to influence social change.

What makes the difference in this captivating and daring capsule, is that all the luxuriously urban-revisited clothing (with remixed iconic pieces from the Stella’s wardrobe like suit, the soft double coat, the trench and the puffer jackets) are made to be worn by men and women: thanks to Stella McCartney’s experience from Savile Row, the playful approach to the concept of gender has always been a hallmark of the brand: it’s easy to find masculine shapes and tailored silhouettes into the women’s collections.

 “Our clothing has always playfully, rebelliously riffed on the dichotomy between masculine and feminine energies, and this capsule refreshed it for a rising generation with shared values and aesthetics” explains the designer “Youth today are naturally open-minded and fluid with gender. How they inclusively celebrate diversity and individuality is beautiful, using self-expression to affect social change, rising up collectively in the face of global social unrest and the climate crisis, to create the world they want to see”

For this collection, Stella has worked on the graphics with London-based illustrator and comic artist Will Sweeney, taking inspiration from the psychedelic prints of the 70s and mechanical machines splashing shapes and characters around shirt, T-Shirt and sweaters.

“Stella McCartney Shared” echoes the heyday of the 1920s when the luxurious private clubs of London were forced by democratic currents to open for a wider audience.

Another peculiarity of the collection is the new version of the brand logo reading “Stella McCartney Est. 2001” and “23 Old Bond Street – London.”: on breasted blazer with a roomy fit, sweatshirts, hoodies and a tote bag, all the pieces have the revisited logo.

Staying true to Stella McCartney's commitment to sustainability, the collection it’s created by a tribe of global change agents: the jersey t-shirts and sweatshirts are all made from 100% organic cotton, using up to 70% less water than producing garments in conventional cotton and without the use of toxic chemicals or pesticides.

Recycled polyester was also used for the parkas, in order to reduce virgin petroleum-based materials: proving once again that fashion can be sophisticated and luxurious and at the same time have in heart the safe of our planet  


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