Spa Guide: Mii Amo

Mii Amo is one of the best spa hotels in America with its indigenous therapies.
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One of the prominent routes in the world of wellness is Arizona. Located in southwestern America, famous for its canyons and deserts, this state is home to many well-known spa centers and wellness villages. Mii Amo, named the best spa hotel in America by Travel + Leisure magazine, is one of these routes.

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Located in the center of Sedona, overlooking the Boynton Canyon, the Enchanment Resort group offers Mii amo guests a 3, 4 or 7-night (all-inclusive) experience journey. With these short-term programs, the hotel promises both mental and physical health and traditional and local therapies and treatments come to the fore. Therapies that are inspired by the lifestyle of the Indians are among the features that make a difference. The 90-minute special therapies for the new moon and the full moon help us purify with various rituals and wish new wishes, while Soul Seeker seeks to reveal features we don't know about ourselves by allowing us to look at our souls from a different angle.


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