Sira Pevida: The Walk into her fashion's world

Sira Pevida: behind the golden life of a fashionista
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Sira Pevida seems to be the example of how you can have it all: family, love, a job that you’ve fantasied about when you were a little girl and daydreaming on the pages of fashion magazines and, most of all, a closet that would make even the number one fashionista of all time, Miss Carrie Bradshaw, jealous.

CEO and co-founder, together with her brother Alex Aciero, of The Walk, a blog that talks fashion, travel, art and lifestyle, she managed to have found the difficult balance between work and loved ones, spending time with her kids and flying to Milan for the MFW, shooting a campaign and running carefree with her dogs.

A businesswoman of all respect, it’s deeply wrong thinking her Instagram account is just about sharing photos of her looks on a daily basis; Sira wants to tells a particular story (a story that should inspire many women to live their lives following their own path, without being influenced by the ideas and opinions of others) and aims to prove how women can be strong, beautiful, smart, successful, brave and still wear glitters, high heels and pink.

Resourcefulness, discipline, courage, self-love, here is everything you’ll find behind the glossy photos of the model together with the real message Sira wants to launch to her audience: passion and hard work, if done consistently, always pay off and she’s the living proof of that since with her 285,000 followers on Instagram and a career now launched in the world of Haute Couture (with her attendance at the biggest shows during Fashion Weeks and even walking herself during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico) is now one of the most important nationally and internationally voices in the fashion’s world.

In this conversation with L’Officiel UK, Sira reveals how to approach this 2020 Fall with style, the essential pieces that cannot be missing in any wardrobe and the secret to have fun with fashion without beign afraid of others's judging eyes

We’ve left summer behind and it’s time to welcome the new season! Which trend do you think people can’t miss for Fall 2020?

Leather Bermuda shorts! The leather allows them to be suitable for fall temperatures, and you can also style them in many ways, from daywear to evening wear, and mix with either neutral colors or add a solid block color for a bolder look. My favorite way to style them currently is with a crop top, a structured blazer and high heels.

Bags have now become a fundamental part of everyone’s outfit. Do you have a currently favorite one?

I would definitely have to say the Chain Pouch from Bottega Veneta. It is so versatile and comes in an array of colors. I’m into the dark forest green one right now. It’s perfect!

Do you have a bag that will always own a special place in your heart?

My first Chanel bag! It was a gift from someone that has become very important in my life, and in some ways is a symbol of my own “once upon a time” story. It will always hold a special place in my heart, and closet for sure.


A struggle lot of us have to face in the morning is not knowing what to wear. Do you have a look that is like your “safety net”? The one you can wear and know for sure it's going to look good and, most importantly, you’re going to feel great in it?

A Saint Laurent little black dress. Always guaranteed to look elegant, sexy and classy and can style it in so many different ways with different accessories, shoes and outerwear. It is the most versatile piece in my wardrobe and I know will always look great and never fails in making me feel confident!

Where does your love for fashion comes from and when did you decide to pursue it as a career?

I have always had a genuine love and interest in fashion, styling and editing; it was one of my hobbies as I loved to get dressed up and take photos of my looks.  I started sharing some styling tips and outfit posts on Instagram to family and friends, and before I knew it, the posts started gaining traction and a real following, which enabled me to continue my hobby and transform it into a career.

Right now, I feel like the luckiest person ever when I get to attend shows and events hosted by brands I have always loved and admired, and to be part of a world that I used to dream about, kept me motivated.

A lot of women out there love fashion but are scared to have fun with it because they feel judged by others. Do you have any suggestions that can help them in feeling more free to try new styles?

I think key is to feel comfortable in what you are wearing, and to not focus on outside opinions. As long as you feel confident and empowered in what you are wearing, your confidence will shine through and you can own the outfit. Everyone has individual styles however for me its exciting to experiment with color, shapes, silhouettes and textures and mix-and-match. For someone who is taking their first step into wearing something slightly different to their usual, mixing patterns or introducing a bright color into their wardrobe is a great way to start.


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