Instagram is conquered by blouses made of silk scarves

This is an unusual but stylish way to complement the image with a silk scarf.
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This summer, silk scarves have been reborn. In the fashion sky, a number of trends emerged that made the silk scarf a key detail of the image. The once-famous celebrity scarves-bandanas have returned , these days ladies began to protect themselves from the sun and wind by tying scarves on their heads as if in the 50s, it became fashionable to tie silk scarves at the pockets, and scarves were chosen as a stylish alternative to protective masks. ).


Famous fashion houses and designers were also fascinated by silk scarves. Versace, Gucci, Burberry, Loewe, Valentino and other world names in 2020 supplemented the summer collections with scarves and scarves printed with their logos and monogram patterns. Etro, Gucci and Burberry offered clothes made from silk imitating scarves, from tunics, jackets, shirts, skirts to raincoats and coats.


Now the fascistists have discovered another way to complement the image with elegant scarves. They began to tie these on the body like shortened blouses. The scarf is folded in half, covering the chest so that the apex of the triangle hangs down, and the edges of the scarf are tied behind the back. The most popular Instagram stylists, from Elsa Hosk, Camillos Coelho, Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat), Patricios Manfield to Brittany Xavier, have started to wear such DIY blouses.

If you are afraid that the scarf in place of the blouse may fall off or its knot may become loose, choose scarves that imitate scarves. These are sewn to look like triangular scarves, but due to the thin straps and solid fabric on the back, they hold really firmly.

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