Exclusive meeting with Sarah Jessica Parker

For L'Officiel, the American actress talks about her relationship with fashion, her collaboration with Intimissimi, the empowerment of women, books and how to manage social networks.
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A long life love story: Sarah Jessica Parker and fashion. Since she played the character of Carrie Bradshaw, protagonist of the tv series Sex and the City , aired between 1998 and 2004, the American actress has become a true fashion icon for a whole generation of women thanks to her emblematic looks and the iconic Manolo Blahnik. A role that won her four Golden Globes, three SAG Awards and two Emmy Awards and the title of fashion icon by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). Since then, on stage as in real life, SPJ has let fashion invade her world.

So much so that her passion for shoes even became a business - with her brand SJP Collection (since 2014) - and, for the second year in a row, she signed a partnership with Intimissimi as the brand's muse in the United States . With a style that change from relaxed, to daring and eccentric, the 54-year-old actress says that it is the fact of being able to choose that makes today a woman feel free.


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"Of course, I don't always succeed, but I try not to let outsiders determine or influence me."

Smart and sexy, Sarah eJessica Parker is truly a woman capable of laughing at herself. In the campaign for the Italian lingerie brand, she wears black silk pajamas which reveals a lace bra, and without the slightest fear of other's judgments.

“I consider it a luxury to be free, not to be afraid of looks and to believe in yourself. But I think that a crisis of confidence from time to time is not so bad. It feels good to be challenged, nervous and to lack confidence sometimes. Confidence and insecurity can be a useful combination. ”

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Last October, she was with Bruna Marquezine and Irina Shayk front row to attend the Intimissimi fall-winter 2019/20 show, in Verona, Italy. If New York remains her eternal home port, the city that she misses the most and has an important place in her heart  for the immense source of inspiration, it's Rome (Italy)  “I loved to ride my bike around Rome, through the huge park of Villa Borghese ,Piazza del Popolo, Vatican City. I also ate there the best ice cream of my life, at Lemongrass. I also liked the museums, the architecture, the Pietà, the cobbled streets. ”

A schedule that balance work and family's life is often a challenge; she admits: “Way more for women who have two or three jobs and without the help that I am lucky to have. I love working outside home, but being a mother is an indescribable joy. It is a balance that we all seek, but it is generally illusory. ”

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Passionate about dance from an early age, Sarah Jessica Parker recognizes that this discipline always plays an important role in her life - especially when she dances in the kitchen with her children, James, 17, and her twins Marion and Tabitha, 10 years. It is enough to take a look at her Instagram to see that she is also a voracious reader. “Long walks and reading a good book are two rituals without which I could not live.”

Regarding social networks, she appreciates the support and encouragement of her followers. “Not only do I learn a lot, but I display myself in a completely new way.” According to her, what makes women more confident in themselves and with their bodies is faith in their own individuality.


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THE OFFICIEL: You often refer to many books on your Instagram account. What topics interest you the most? Who are you reading right now?

SJP: There are so many wonderful books! But I can't tell you which are the best because they are difficult to compare. Right now, I'm reading Women in Black, from Madeleine St. John, an Australian author who won The Booker Prize (the only Australian woman to have achieved such a feat). I just read Will and Testament, by Vigdis Hjorth. And my next book will be by Jodi Kantor, on the #MeToo movement. I always read one by one.

THE OFFICIEL: A current is denouncing the effects of the Internet on society, accusing social networks of generating anxiety, insomnia, stress, low self-esteem. How do you manage these networks? Do they affect you?

SJP: Social networks don't stress me out, but they present certain challenges. For me, it's like a new language, a new way of communicating. I feel like I have to think a lot about how to respond to comments and how to speak on these platforms, because I do not like exchanges with a lack of courtesy. However, it is interesting to use these channels, because they allow me to chat with people I have never met. We are talk about books and bookstores, for example. Also, on social networks, I can show a more human side, share victories and losses, good and bad times, vacations ... Networks offer many possibilities. But it also poses problems. (laughs) My kids, for example, don't have access to it.

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THE OFFICIEL: How do you see the wave of emancipation of the women we live in? Do you think this seed was somehow planted in Sex and the City?

SJP: Yes! The seeds were really planted with the series. But it took a long time for society to realize this. The response has been very slow. The series opened a new voice in the world. It was innovative! Today we live in a complex and exciting time, and people talk about it a lot. There are many questions - much more than answers - on this subject. I don't know if the solutions are so simple to find or if they are still illusory.

THE OFFICIEL: In an interview with Jerry Seinfeld, you said that mothers today are different from the ones of yesterday. How do you see your role as a mother?

SJP: Excellent question! (laughs) Being a mother is great, it's exciting, it's difficult, it's heartbreaking. All at once. Watching children grow up and face obstacles that we have never encountered before is very complicated - and not just for them. All children are different. There is no right or wrong way to create them. There are no right answers. It is a continuous evolution! But I think that's what makes us really involved in "being a mother". No day is like the other!

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L'OFFICIEL: What is your relationship with fashion? How would you rate your collaboration with Intimissimi?

SJP: I never intended to give fashion or style advices because I look around for inspiration. I think the important thing is to feel good about yourself, to be authentic, without being afraid of being unique.


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