Rua Carlota is here to quench your thirst for knitwear

Rua Carlota is the ultimate wardrobe's essential for the summer 2020
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This summer is all about knitting and crochet

Back in fashion, seems like in the next few months this trend will reach its peak.

To give your wardrobe the right twist in this direction, it’s always important to discover where to buy stylish pieces and Rua Carlota should do the trick.

With handmade clothing, all designed and made by Charlotte Rose Kirkham in her London flat, this brand is absolutely one of the kinds: all the pieces are produced from used, discarded and deadstock fabrics.

Charlotte’s idea is to save from oblivion “the forgotten ones”: all the pre-loved clothes now laying unused in the wardrobe. Challenging the waste-culture, Charlotte approachs each piece as a painter would approach a blank canvas (in fact, she sees herself more as an artist than a designer): every patch with its color fits into another one resulting in extravagant tops, skirt or dresses.

Her mathematics degree is reflected in the final product: fabric is cut into geometric form and put together creating eye-catching patchworks.

Who would have thought that math could be this fun?


This way of producing, other than being 100% sustainable, scores another point in Rua Carlota's favor: not a single top or mini skirt or dress could ever be identical, so the item you’re gonna own is unique and uncopiable.

Since she announces new drops through her Instagram (@ruacarlota), everything is sold out in a couple of minutes so to make sure you get your hands on one of these, you better check the account every day and be fast in adding to the cart what you fall in love with.


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