Reebok x Gigi Hadid 2.0

Reebok and Gigi Hadid meet for the second time.

Reebok and Gigi Hadid, one of the most known collaborations from last year, has launched a new one for this season. Inspired by Gigi Hadid's love of nature and adventures in the wilderness, the collection reflects the style of the model in general terms.

We will have the chance to see the results from Reebok x Gigi Hadid collaboration inspired by nature in Fall-Winter 2019/2020. In addition to Reebok's classic styles from the '90s, it has innovative, functional and stylish capabilities. The second collection of the Aztrek sneaker last season was the DMX 2k Zip with elegant zipper system. There are also two-piece sweat suits, convertible vests, one-shoulder bras in the collection. In the color palettes of the collection, the popular tone of Autumn is called desert master and sky blue. In addition to these two colors, black and white are a must.


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