6 Instagram accounts of inspiring photographers to follow

These talented artist accounts will help you find the daily dose of inspiration and enhance your aesthetic experience.
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In a time when Instagram has taken over our daily lives, when we are saturated with images and an endless flow of content is at our disposal, how do you cultivate a feed with the kind of artistic spark that leaves you inspired rather than drained?

Fortunately, many professional photographers share their creative projects on Instagram, often ignoring traditional formats to deliver their work directly to a dedicated audience. Check out six of our favorites below, which are sure to enhance your aesthetic experience.

Imagine endless fields of daisies and poppies, Icelandic hot springs, sandy deserts and young girls in white sheets spinning in slow motion under the trees. These are the kind of visuals to expect from Betina du Toit, a Parisian photographer whose work will immerse you in a distant universe. Born near Cape Town, South Africa, the young woman captures the epitome of life in “a never-ending attempt to recapture the fleeting moment when all elements come together” .

Infused with elements of magical realism, the work of James J. Robinson conveys an atmosphere that goes beyond the framework of photography, as if he were a paparazzo in the world he imagined for us. Originally from Melbourne, this New York-based photographer with a film background is inspired by film images. His photos, often taken after dark in neon hues of emerald green, electric blue and crimson red, seem straight out of a David Lynch film.

ChloeHorseman has worked for brands like Glossier , Lisa SaysGah and Orseund Iris, as well as Instagram muses like Coco Baudelle and ReeseBlutstein. Her Lower East Side meets the vision of the Marais - chic but sober - where she is always on the lookout.

Micaiah Carter's platform is an alchemy of contemporary youth culture, fine art and street style depicting people of color in a singular way.Among other projects, the 23-year-old Brooklyn-based photographer photographed Serena Williams, PharrellWilliams or SolangeKnowles, as well as advertising campaigns for Nike, Converse and Thom Browne. Mixing 70's, warm tones, joy and resilience, this mash-up of references results in a unique creative vision.

Heather Hazzan's visuals look like Diane Arbus's photographs if she had oriented her work towards fashion. Between white backgrounds and minimalist style, Hazzan likes to capture his subjects in their most raw and authentic aspect. A way to recall the beauty of what is hidden under all the filters and touch-ups.

Lily-Rose Depp, Pamela Anderson, Hunter Schafer and Jane Fonda are just a few of the icons Luke Gilford has immortalized. Through a dazzling aesthetic, the filmmaker and photographer based between Los Angeles and New York, offers a poetic and cinematic look at his surrealist world, combining a unique visual style with a strong sense of intimacy with his subjects.

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