Beach party with Michael Kors

Punchy at daytime and seductive at night, the latest Michael Kors Collection line pays tribute to the most desirable beaches around the world. This makes it the perfect collection to party in St-Tropez, from dusk to morning. And again!
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Luxurious materials, feminine silhouettes for a natural elegance.

At the end of the national 7, St-Tropez looks like a reality far away from Paris. Michael Kors embraced this dualism during the creation of its Michael Kors Collection Spring line, a tribute to the most beautiful beaches around the world. Playing around Parisian sophistication and Mediterranean spontaneity, this collection does not hesitate to combine the extremes: unsettling black and pristine white, light flowing muslin and structured leather, luxurious pins and spectacular embroidery effects. This art of subtle and balanced associations that one usually attributes to the Parisian sensibility, is here accessible to the designer. His collection conceives a frivolous and carefree seduction. The coastal light radiates from the beach reaching the city, a clear message for all those who know that the beachy spirit is not only reserved to summer.


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