NUÉ Studio: a touch of glitter in your life

When in doubt, choose sparks
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2020 was definitely a tough year and fairly often we find ourselves looking back nostalgically at the past wondering when we will be able to celebrate again until late night with our friends while sipping a juicy passion fruit drink and when the rainy cab ride at two am with our girls will return. While we patiently wait for it, nothing prevents us from step up the game of our “night-out” wardrobe so that the comeback becomes even more iconic.

There is a brand that, channeling roaring twenties and old Hollywood glamour,  embodies the essence of party, glitter and transgression (something that only the best hardcore nights out can offer you): NUÉ Studio, launched in 2019 in Kyiv it’s a tailored line of accessories that celebrates the concept of the ready-to-party and in just one year has managed to become the obsession of the fashion fanatics. The jewelry clothes, as defined by the founder, Victoria Udina, are sparkling tops and skirts (that look like real life glitter edit) that give the simplest and cleanest basic look (white shirt, black suits and slip dressed) a festive mood that certainly will not slip through the cracks.

Charlotte, LouLou, Jane, Julie ... each name represent a special eye-catching piece of clothing and we can bet that will be immediately added to cart when you’ll see  how they succeed in the difficult task of making elegant and chic something that might seem excessive to the eyes of inexperienced.  Your wardrobe will look completely sad without this sparkling important part.

Your first night out on the dancefloor will no longer finds you unprepared: with this glittery top everyone will have eyes only for you and your unique style.


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