Celebrity favorite vampire's designer presents joint collection with H&M

H&M is introducing a new collection created in conjunction with the cult fashion brand The Vampire's Wife.
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The founder of The Vampire's Wife brand is British designer, model and muse Susie Cave, the wife of renowned artist Nick Cave. Fashion lovers adore the brand for its flawless silhouettes, glamorous details and the glorification of women and their body shapes. the collection is progressive in both terms and materiality; all items in the collection are made using more sustainable materials.

"It has been a great honor for me to become the designer and campaign manager for The Vampire's Wife x H&M collection. H&M has put a lot of work and effort into presenting the dark and sensual vision of The Vampire's Wife to the world. I hope the products in this collection for wearers, it will bring as much joy as I experienced in creating this collection, ”says Susie Cave, creative director and designer.

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The collection was based on dresses decorated with impressive sleeves, ribbons and ruffles. These expressive garments are sewn from translucent, luxurious fabrics such as glittering lace and velvet. Sustainability also occupies an important place in this collection. All products in the collection use at least 50 percent more sustainable materials - for example, a T-shirt and a decorative collar made of organic cotton, and one of the dresses - made of 100 percent. recycled polyester. The collection is also complemented by costume jewelry and other accessories.

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The campaign is dominated by five themes: strength, vulnerability, intimacy, uncertainty and femininity. These themes help to explore the mysterious, inspiring, sensual, dark and beautiful world of The Vampire's Wife. and empowering women in campaign photos and video.

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The Vampire's Wife x H&M collection will be released on October 22 this year.

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