Michael Kors: the passion for accessories

If there is a brand that is well known for its desirable accessories, it is with no doubt be Michael Kors. The brand has a true capacity of unleashing great ideas and make them a global success. This season, the Australian artist Christina Zimpel, reinforces the brand’s potential with her radiant graphics.
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The world's roads lead Michael Kors. It is not surprising if we take a look at the energy, the research and the lines that enrich every piece of this accessories collection. Embroideries, fringes and sumptuous animations on bags and shoes are a clear prove of their successful line, shown this season through six trends of the ready-to-wear line.

The Bancroft bag plays the 'snake charmer' with its python painted with daisies. The 'aquatic life' is also essential, with motifs inspired by the sea and made of mini metal pieces and materials shaped like seashells or starfish. All these small details give an infinite charm to the collection.

The fringes (in leather or suede) are particularly important, drawing sculptures that give the feeling of an endless movement. Another glamorous, ultra-seductive and bohemian note is the MK Beach Club signature bag, a recurring success of this collection. It’s all about dream vacation destinations with tropical colours and the names of Michael Kors' favourite beaches: Capri, Malibu, Saint Tropez, etc. In addition, the bags have painted patterns, optimistic bright floral prints and romantic bright backgrounds. Leather and silk twill combine to give light and functionality to the bags, ideal travel companions.

The real highlight of this Michael Kors collection is the artistic work by the painter Christina Zimpel. Known as a designer and photographer, the artist is also a fan of Jacques-Henri Lartigue's photos. In this collection, she expresses herself through solar patterns, positive touches and great animations, for a few limited-edition bags. Thanks to her and Michael Kors, we will no longer say 'accessories', but 'art to wear'!

"I wanted all the accessories in my collection to be useful, functional and radiant with joy" Michael Kors

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