Meghan Markle bets on shorts and mask at a charity event

In a rare appearance in California, Meghan is seen in a stripped-down look without losing her elegance
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Even out of the spotlight of the British royal family, Meghan Markle continues to inspire with her style and personality! Over the years we have followed the most diverse types of American looks, from the most casual to the most powerful, worthy of red carpet events. But, still, she surprised us again by bringing refinement to a simple combo of pieces that, for sure, you have already worn: shorts and white shirt - and, of course, mask.

Last week, the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry got together to do a charity action by distributing supplies at a Los Angeles school to help the baby2baby institution, which offers items like diapers and children's clothing.


For the occasion, nothing more natural than opting for a more stripped-down look. But, even though Markle opted for this aesthetic, she still bet on her favorite brands, like Victoria Beckham (who signs her button shirt) and Adidas sneakers. As for the mask, she wore a blue and white version of the Royal Jelly Harlem.

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(Photo: Disclosure)
1598349953883677 meghan markle short 2
(Photo: Disclosure)
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(Photo: Playback / Instagram @ baby2baby)
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(Photo: Playback / Instagram @ baby2baby)
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(Photo: Playback / Instagram @ baby2baby)

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