Kendall Jenner becomes a dancer and a mermaid for one day

Kendall Jenner proves once again that she is a true chameleon. For the autumn 2019 campaign of the Polish retail giant Reserved, she takes on the role of a dancer and a mermaid. #CiaoKendall is a fine example of surreal, Italian glamor in a short film directed by Gordon von Steiner.
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Does Kendal Jenner put an end to her modeling career to realize her dream as a dancer? In the latest campaign for autumn 2019 by the Polish retail giant Reserved, we see how the American model muses of a starring role as a dancer in a surrealistic setting of what seems to be a musical from a bygone era.

The #CiaoKendall campaign is a short film with Italian flair from the sixties and seventies , directed by a famous name from the film industry, namely Gordon von Steiner. In the short film we see a Jenner who is at home in all markets: handsome with every hairstyle - even with coquettish wigs - and quite credible with - intentionally - wooden dance steps. At the end she fearlessly dives into a basin, after which she emerges as a beautiful mermaid. Speaking of a metamorphosis, Kendall Jenner keeps reinventing herself.

Then Kendall is back to brunette instead of luring her blonde ?

#CiaoKendall - Kendall Jenner x RESERVED - AW19 campaign

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