Katie Holmes: Why is everyone talking about her style?

A glimpse of a cashmere bralette and a cardigan on the streets of New York City on August 27, 2019, Katie Holmes was accidentally propelled into an influencer. More and more stylish, it is a sensation to the fashion shows and Fashion Weeks fashion shows where it has been rare lately. A change of style fortuitous or considered?
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Colorful, stylish, sometimes even avant-garde, Katie Holmes appears in a new light. In the streets of New York, or the parades, the actress multiplies the looks rocks and sexy emerging for the first time in the rank of fashion inspiration. Explanations.

Last August, the actress instantly made the buzz appearing in the streets of the Big Apple in combo bralette and cashmere cardigan signed Khaite . Suddenly, the stock was sold out, revealing a "fashion" side with Katie Holmes who, despite her past as fashion designer for her brand launched in 2009, remained unsuspected. Still, the impact of this calibrated outfit was predictable because advised by his former partner: Jeanne Yang .

If this name does not evoke anything, it is she who hides behind the appearance of great celebrities such as Keanu Reeves , Robert Downey Jr. , Christian Bale or a certain Tom Cruise . We understand how she became, one thread in a row, the second element of the duo formed with Katie Holmes , for the brand Holmes & Yang . Focus on the actress's recent outfits, becoming an icon of style.


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