Miuccia Prada called the new Resort 2020 collection “Seditious Simplicity” and said it was “naive and real.”
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In the postmodern era, and probably already the postmodern post, complex and liberated, simplicity really seems to be a manifestation of the rebellious spirit, which is always looking for a storm - “as if there is peace in the storm”.

The collection’s advertising campaign encourages us to be simple and sincere in expressing our feelings. Giving each other flowers just like that. Like in the animated film “Just Like That” by Stella Aristokesova, in which animals give wild flowers to friends:

- That's for me?
- To you ...
- For what?
- Just!

“But I have nothing ...”

- So, just like that ...

And when the hero takes this flower, he suddenly realizes that he has everything that is needed for happiness and even more.

Often it is such symbolic gestures that allow us to understand something most important about life. In the photographs, the models hold bouquets of wildflowers wrapped in pages with fashionable shots.

Miuccia Prada gave us a reason to buy a bouquet of flowers for a loved one and wrap it in special wrapping paper. This can be done over two weeks in flower shops in London, Paris, Milan, New York, Moscow, Shanghai and Tokyo.

The authors of the photos are Drew Vickers and Keizo Kitajima. In addition to street shots, the campaign included black and white portraits. This is also about simplicity - naive and for real.

The collection includes cotton dresses with embroidery, men's jackets, cardigans. It’s like a wardrobe of a young peasant woman who, with her deliberate simplicity in the big city, seems like a rebel.


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