The glamorous Jessica Wang

In a world where living your dreams seems an impossible myth, Jessica made it. Discover her future's plans, fashion's tips and New York's secrets in this conversation with us
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Hi Jessica, first of all, hope everything is well with you and your loved ones. I’d like to start this conversation by asking you how does it feel to finally be living the dream. A lot of people can only dream about doing what you did: give up a steady job (you worked in finance before) and throwing yourself into fashion’s world. You made it! What motivated you back then to make this decision? And how’s your life changed so far?

Thank you! I am grateful to have a job that I truly love and am passionate about. When I started NotJessFashion, I had no idea that it would transform into what it is today, especially as a minority in the US. At some point, my salary from my side hustle caught up with my corporate job, and it became clear that I should focus my energy on pursuing my dream. Choosing an unfamiliar path has been challenging at times, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It has taken me to so many places, and I’ve met so many great people along the way. I also love being able to work from anywhere and being able to take my family on trips with me.

What do you like about fashion? Is it a passion you had since you were a kid?

Fashion has always been a big part of my life and I’ve always loved playing dress up as a kid and the self-expression that comes with it. I love that you can constantly reinvent your style, stand out from a crowd, and how fashion can give people the confidence to look and feel good inside and out.

We’re just a few days away from December, that means the freezing cold is coming! what’s your go-to-outfit to wear in winter? If you have to give your fans a couple of ideas, which looks they should totally pull off this season?

Winter is all about killer outerwear. My go-to look is a statement coat, a cozy knit tucked into high-waisted jeans, and sleek pointed-toe boots. Anyone can pull this off and probably already have these staples in their wardrobe.

Supermum of two beautiful kids, full-time job and killer style, how do you manage to keep it all together?

Balancing my professional and personal life is a constant battle. Luckily, I have an amazing support system around me with my husband, my family and my team, who are always there if I need to travel for work. Plus my girls, Hazel & Capri love to record with me and be involved in the creative side, so I get to spend even more time with them, which I love!

You started with Instagram and then landed on Tik Tok, in which you reached 4 million followers in just four months . What’s your secret? Do you prepare different contents for the two platforms?

I joined TikTok during the lockdown knowing there were so many users on it and saw it as the perfect opportunity to tap a different audience. I started posting a lot of casual content and quick tips, and people loved them. Overall, it was a pretty organic process. Through Tik Tok, my followers got to see a more relatable side of me, and I think that’s what made it so successful. Planning content for TikTok and Reels is pretty seamless so I can plan for that content simultaneously. However, the Instagram feed still requires separate planning. I try to have most of my content be organic though so I don’t ever plan too far in advance

You attend a lot of fashion shows; do you remember your first show ever? And what were you wearing?

I don’t remember the exact name of the brand, but it was definitely a smaller one. I had requested a ticket the night before and got a standing ticket. I was so stoked to attend my first ever fashion week show. I was also wearing a dress from their label that I had in my closet.

Has your style evolved over time? Do you have some pieces that you used to love but can’t stand anymore?

Definitely! I think with the more experience I have working within the industry, and the more confident I have become in experimenting with colour, silhouettes and patterns, I have become more confident and empowered in my own style and aesthetic, and aren’t afraid to wear bold outfits, where as before my style was a bit more subdued.

Which pieces should be a unmissable in every woman’s wardrobe ?

A strong foundation of staples - great fitting denim, the perfect t-shirt, versatile outerwear like a blazer, and some great shoes to pick from.

You have collaborated with tons of massive brands like Tom Ford, Fendi, Ralph & Russo, Lancome... just to name a few. What are your future plans? Any new collaboration that you can talk about?

I just conceptualised and produced my very first magazine cover alongside an entire shoot to go with it, which was a very proud moment for me. There’s still so much more that I want to do and I have some things in the pipeline but it’s too early to share details just yet!

You’re from China but live in New York right now. How do the city’s vibes influence you and your style? Do you like living there? What’s your favourite spot?

I love New York because it’s so diverse, and there are so many great opportunities to advance your career. We have a great influencer community here and everyone’s always on the move, the city truly never sleeps. My favourite spots would be all the amazing restaurants, especially the hidden sushi spots.

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