Sport and wellness at home: 5 beautiful objects to (re) motivate yourself

Through successive confinements, you have developed an unfortunate tendency to postpone your sports and well-being sessions? Overview of new products that are as beautiful as they are effective, for a complete home routine.
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A yoga mat that looks like a work of art

What if the yoga mat became a decorative accessory in its own right?

Combining beauty with green, the latest addition to the YUJ Yoga brand is made from recycled and biodegradable rubber, and guaranteed without latex or silicones.

Featherweight and machine washable, its faux suede material is non-slip and adapts to all types of yogas, from basic to acrobatic.


Landscape rug by YUJ, 70 euros


Minimalist design weights

Need to spice up your workouts? In order to combine beauty with pleasure, we offer ourselves the Bala weights, to be worn on the ankles and wrists to optimize your workout sessions .

Brisk walking, yoga, pilates, barre or aerobics: these unigenre elastic bracelets are suitable for all disciplines and are made of an ultra-soft material for the skin.

Forgotten, traditional dumbbells: available in several calibrations and over 13 shades, Bala accessories bring color and fantasy to the very testosterone world of fitness.


From 44.74 euros, on sale on

A set of benefactor crystals

Want to learn about the infinite virtues of lithotherapy?

We offer ourselves this set of 10 crystals cut in point, to reinforce its anchoring during meditations or exercises of Pranayama or to reinforce the effects of our care.

Depending on the mood and the intentions of the moment, we therefore opt for Amethyst, Pink or smoky Quartz, rock crystal, Lapis Lazuli, obsidian, labradorite, aventurine or Tiger's eye, sublime and protective stones with hypnotic radiance.


Set of assorted crystals, 140 euros

On sale at the Element Center 7 rue des Guillemites 75004 Paris

and on


An acupressure mat

Do not be fooled by its looks of an instrument of torture, this accessory could well become your body's best ally!

Equipped with 252 groups of flower-shaped pins, it stimulates acupressure points in our dorsal zone and relieves joint and muscle tension.

A formidable anti-stress weapon, it causes the secretion of endorphins and thus helps to fight anxiety, while boosting blood and lymphatic circulation.

So of course, the sensation is unpleasant for the first few seconds but persist, it's worth it: the pain disappears in a few moments, giving way to deep relaxation.


Large acupressure mat, 49.95 euros

At Nature & Découvertes and on

A complete facial yoga kit

Unmotivated at the idea of grimacing every morning in front of your mirror during your facial gym exercises and other facial yogas?

Nothing like a nice piece of equipment to encourage regularity: composed of a mini yoga mat to lean on comfortably, a dollhouse-size HoliFace ball that massages the cheeks and the inter-eyebrow gap, a roller face in two-headed rose quartz, a Gua Sha that smoothes the contours of the face and redefines the oval and an addictive oil with antioxidant properties, this holistic kit that is readily left lying around after use as it is photogenic allows 360 degree skin treatment.


Holidermie HoliFace Yoga Set, 180 euros

On sale at

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