Health alert! Instagram will ban filters with plastic surgery effect

The concern of the app with people's mental health has been increasing.
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Currently one click is what separates us from Kim Kardashian's lips, nose piercings, colorful eyeshadows and eyeliner, animal ears, among other possibilities in which we can instantly experiment through Instagram filters.

So successful are the stories with their transformations that it is no longer news to anyone that they are here to stay. But that is precisely why the network has recently spoken out about banning augmented reality filters that mimic or portray plastic surgery.

According to the BBC, an official representative of the social network reportedly reported that as the network is increasingly concerned about the mental health of its users, it would be considering stopping promoting those filters that might make them feel bad about themselves.

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From the - reasonable - concern of the social network, probably the transformations that make it appear that one has filled the lips up to more explicit filters are eliminated from the Instagram system and this is because there are indeed experts who claim that this kind of “experience” ”Can have real consequences by making people feel bad about themselves.

The network representative said to the BBC: “We are reevaluating our policies. We want our filters to be a positive experience for people. ”

About the deadline for filters to be banned, an exact date has not yet been revealed.

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