Hailey Bieber copies Katie Holmes' bold bra trend

She is a true style icon
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Hailey Bieber copied the iconic Katie Holmes cashmere bra and cardigan moment while she shopped with Kendall Jenner in Los Angeles.

A quick recap: the Hollywood actress was photographed hailing a taxi in New York wearing a discreetly chic but comfortable outfit, a combination of Khaite beige cashmere bra and cardigan that sold out quickly in an hour - and went on to become one of 2019 most searched garments.



Combining her cashmere with basic jeans and large sunglasses, Katie was the perfect example of transition from summer to autumn in the northern hemisphere, with her cardigan worn over one shoulder to allow a glimpse of the matching bra.

A year later it passed and Hailey was using a similar combination - just without the buttons. The model's version was of the Jacquemus brand in golden wheat color, combined with a cut cardigan that was opened to reveal the minimalist cashmere bra.



She also wore high-waisted jeans, a brown braided belt and orange square-toed heels. Meanwhile, his colleague, model Kendall, wore a white tank top and high-waisted jeans.

Holmes' look quickly became a hit on social media, with many sharing on Instagram and tweeting about her outfit, while searches by brand increased by 217% after she was seen wearing it and the bra is still the best selling item of Khaite.


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