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A jump into Matilda Djerf's world: fashion, dog and Djerf Avenue
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She’s a sweetheart, she’s is travelling the world with her boyfriend (and personal photographer), she has her own fashion brand (Djerf Avenue) and she just added a sweet cute puppy to her family.

Matilda Djerf seems to have it all, especially a great sense of style.

Never dull, her outfits are always clean, fresh and refined, following the trends but without forgetting her own sense of fashion: between men’s shirts, oversized T-shirts and straight fit pants, discover how to recreate Matilda's signature looks.


Matilde is the perfect example of confident, chic, and laid-back woman on the go.

What’s makes her style special is that all her outifts have good classic clothes as starting point. Sometimes we tend to forget how the simplest things are the finest and Matilda is here to remind us.

All these concepts and ideas are reflected in her brand: timeless pieces that look great from size XS to XL, all made with organic cotton and colored with non-toxic dyes.

Last but not least, photos are all taken with the camera roll: real people, real bodies, real pimples, real life; these clothes are made to make you feel good in your skin, just the way you are.



If chic-vintage style is your bread and butter, follow this tips stolen from Matilda.

The Oversize Shirt's look.

An oversize man’s shirt (white or light blue is up to you) is the answer to all your fashion's problems.

Paired it with some comfy loose, straight fit pants and give it a twist with the shoes: the Chanel black leather “Dad” sandals are Matilda’s favorite right now, but there are a few more options you can look at: The Row’s Hook and Loop sandal in leather or the good old Birkenstock Arizona Eva in black.

The shirt is an easy pick: Djerf Avenue’s Breezy shirt. You will never stop wearing it.


The Mini Skirt's look.

If you’re not feeling like a shirt-pants day, here's Matilda’s second favorite outfit:

A basic oversized T-shirt with a monochrome skirt and strappy sandals; without forgetting the rule of simple-chic, have fun with the colour of the shoes.

T-shirt must has a vintage touch and the skirt is straight (with a little slit on the right if you choose the “Must Have Mini Skirt” from Djerf Avenue).

For cool T-shirts just arm yourself with patience and go vintage shopping, or just buy your favorite one from Djerf Avenue (the Wild Child one)  or Urban Outfitters.

Paris Texas should help you find your dream shoes that match your outfit.


Wasting time in the morning choosing what to wear is now a distant memory.

Follow @Matildadjerf for more daily outfits and, what's more importan, for all the Rufus's videos and photos, that dog is cuteness overload


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