Gabrielle Caunesil: The Guide To the Perfect Summer Style

Gabrielle Caunesil is a French model, designer and activist. Her style is extremily chic and stylish, especially in the summer. Here some tips you should copy to give your outfits Parisienne-vibes
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Gabrielle Caunesil, class 1992, is a model, designer and activist.

With her long dark hair and a dazzling smile, she has conquered a large audience; but it’s not only thanks to her beauty that she’s gained fame: her personality is sunny and smart but at the same shines through her dynamic and independency; thanks to this, she has struck a chord with one million of followers on Instagram that follow and support her. It’s obvious that she is a fighter, and has face different challenges in her life, but as she likes to reminds to her fans: it’s possible to overcome every obstacle life throws at you, #strongertogether is her motto

After spending years between Paris, London and New York, she’s now based in Milan with her husband Riccardo Pozzoli and their little dog Lupo.

She might be in Italy enjoying a good plate of pasta or dancing in the living room with Lupo, but her heart will always belong to Paris, where she grew up with her beloved dad: for this reason, she has founded a clothing brand, La Semaine Paris, in this city, her hometown. A brand for women made by women.

Gabrielle doesn’t hide her being feminist, it’s actually her workhorse.

She fights for women and their rights to be free from the prejudices and impossible standards imposed by society. La Semaine Paris ‘s photos aren’t retouched: every woman is perfect just the way she is, no needs of touch ups.

This brand is for those who want to feel bold, feminine, elegant with a vintage style typical of the parisiennes.


Gabrielle’s style is reflected in her brand’s choice: colorful and stylish it’s never too much or predictable.

Take inspirations from her look is not only a correct choice, but it’s the only right one.

Here some tips that will help you this summer to step up your game in a very French way:

Mini dress and Flats:

Her strong points are definitely mini colorful dresses paired with flats, doesn’t matter if sandals or moccasins, they have to be comfortable to walk during the day, and dance in the night (classic loafer leather Gucci can never go wrong.)

Don’t be scared to leave black in the closet: there are many colors to have fun with in the summer and it’s worth to try.

Some brands you should check up : Realisation Par , Rat and Boa and of course La Semaine Paris (new drop out on Thursday, we are already crushing on the yellow mini dress)



Shorts and Top:

For a more casual look, choosing shorts always seems like the best solution. But how turned them into a chic -piece? Gabrielle matched them with classic crop tops that hardly go unnoticed.

Long sleeves, no sleeves, puff sleeves… crop top is perfect in every way, just complete your outfits with espadrilles and you’re ready to go.

Might take a look at: For Love and Lemons, Orseund Iris, With Jean, Are You and I, La Semaine Paris ( the new top with lemons will elevate your outfits from good to perfection)


And finally, match all your outfits with a good pair of sunglasses, preferably the classic Persol, and you’re ready to go.

Have you taken note? Are you already feeling more parisienne?



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