Find out how many steps you need to take to lose fat

It's all about quality and not quantity
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You are on a mission to lose fat, but between your one-hour trip to office work and busy nights, there is simply no time for a HIIT workout at home, and all intentions of completing these strength exercises have been firmly abandoned .

Luckily, there is a convenient way to burn fat that does not involve push-ups between the emails. We are talking about walking, of course - but there is a common misconception that you should be targeting at 10,000 steps a day if your goal is to lose weight.

As a general rule, walking should be part of your daily routine of general health and well-being, "says researcher PT Scott Laidler.

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No Surprises - A UK government study has found that walking can reduce the risk of developing diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia and some cancers, and that a quick 10-minute walk a day may decrease the risk of death by 15%. And even better? It's free and accessible to almost everyone.

However, the key here, like so many other things in life, is to focus on quality, not quantity.

"If your goal is fat loss, I recommend looking at 5,000 to 7,000 steps with quality - high or fast pace," says Laidler. Because? Because speeding up your walk or walking upward raises your heart rate - and that's where you start to burn calories.

"When your heart rate reaches 100-120 bpm, depending on the age (or about 60-70% of your maximum heart rate, which is 220 minus your age), you enter what is known as a fat burning zone, where fat is used as the primary source of energy, "explains Laidler.

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