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Fashion Horoscope for September-November 2019 by Irina Reshetnikova & Inna Reshetnikova
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ARIES (20 March–19 April)

Work, relationships and finance - these are three areas that will require special attention from you, conscious action and willful efforts. You are starting to use money with a completely non-standard, original approach. The stars advise picking a celestial key using fashion language: add a look to your wardrobe by House of Holland, focusing on the obi belt, French berets and orange colours to enhance the positive influence of the planetary transit of Jupiter to your Sun.

TAURUS (20 April–21 May)

Many events will ultimately be aimed at the release of burdensome, outdated routines. Do not forget to hear what your partner wants from you. Your natural qualities - perseverance, the ability to appreciate simple everyday joys - will have to undergo a truly revolutionary transformation. It makes sense to project through a personal image, making accents on the neck, waist, ankles and a riot of paints by Mary Katrantzou.

GEMINI (22 May21 June)

As your energy batteries are charged, so will your wallet be. Planetary events this fall will require you to balance internal and external resources. It is thanks to these that you will be able to strengthen your foundation, complete situations that have outlived themselves, and someone will even discover the secret hidden behind the seven seals. To achieve your goals most effectively, use camouflage on high-top sneakers or cardigan by Miu Miu, and wear Valentino's airy green dress for imagination and inspiration.

CANCER (22 June22 July)

The stars challenge you to find a middle ground between personal and professional life. Learn to achieve social success without sacrificing family relationships, while betting not only on the ability to be romantic and theatrical but also sexual. In order to be noticed by others, use this epistolary genre widely this autumn, and add to your wardrobe a poetic shirt and long laced dress by Loewe.

LEO (23 JulyAugust 23)

The sublime and mundane, will occupy a place in your life. For the body - health, fitness, good habits and a correct daily routine, for the soul and heart - new romantic adventures. It is very likely that the arrows of Cupid will reach you from a representative of another culture. A noble, benevolent Jupiter helps you to be frank in your desires, increases self-confidence and brings good luck. Enlist his support by allowing yourself a combination of royal fabrics and luxury by Dolce & Gabbana.

VIRGO (24 August23 September)

Excessive tendency to compromise, to accept less can create problems. Tension arises when you choose actions that are at odds with your true desires. Do not allow yourself to be deceived, remember your natural ability to analyze. If this is not enough, choose a formal men's suit for important negotiations, mixed with a sexy element such as Alexander McQueen’s corset, (which will help to structure and deepen your ideas as needed).

LIBRA (24 September23 October)

Your life during this period is like a battle scene, forcing you to show your teeth, then returning to the authentic ability to find a compromise and make a truce. Radical transformations in the two most important areas: family and career -  the sole purpose of defining personal boundaries. Harmony between Mercury and Neptune will not only incline you to romanticism but also give a chance to get on the right train. To reinforce your steadfastness, compliment with a top in authentic loden with a lace skirt by Prada.

SCORPIO (24 October22 November)

A radical catalyst for change Uranus in a partnership house may test existing relationships for strength. Therefore, now you need both an innovative type of thinking, a non-standard approach to routines, and the ability to listen to your confidants. Expand your horizons, change your style of thinking and remember: “what’s outside is inside”. The mini dress by Balmain will help you to become more sociable, accommodating and easy-going.

SAGITTARIUS (23 November22 December)

Planetary events in the finance house stimulate in you the desire for changes in both working conditions and sources of income. The conflictual situations even within the house’s walls may lead you to new horizons, expansion and changes in social status which is why you will have to change your habits. A friendly smile can be a simple solution to the most difficult situations, especially in combination with a mix of bright colours, exotic prints, and romantic style, brightly presented by Givenchy.

CAPRICORN (23 December20 January)

Planetary activity in Capricorn focuses your attention on your unique dreams, leaving other people's problems in the background, even if this does not completely exclude profitable alliances. Continue in this way and you will have every chance to change your life. At the end of autumn, luck in person will come to you in the form as the great benefactor of Jupiter. Impress him with a meeting, focusing on rigorous style coupled with allur, animal prints, Principe of Galles by Ermanno Scervino.

AQUARIUS (21 January19 February)

For a short time you are increasingly attracted to innovative tendencies in fashion. Even if due to the special position of the planet - that rules this fall, you may have a feeling that you are deprived of your inner freedom, it is the revolution in your personal image that will help you find the status quo. Focus your attention on the fashion trend feather madness by the Kenzo collection, diluting this soaring in the clouds with shades of beige by Max Mara, this will help not to completely lose touch with the earth.

PISCES (20 February19 March)

Your idea of ​​others may be too far from reality. The deeper meaning of the situations that arise is the ability to love disinterestedly, and provokes you to a deeper spiritual quest and strengthening faith in yourself. This is the perfect time to get acquainted with the life stories of holy people, as they can contain the necessary resources to build your future. And for more certainty and apparent fortitude, add the rigorous jacket by N21 to the fishnet skirt, which best describes your mystical and delicate sign.

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