Discover the bags that are the new sensation of the street style of Milan

One more fashion season chooses celebrities and fashionistas darlings
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Fashion weeks are a great show on and off the catwalks, dictating trends and inspiring people from all over the world. Of course Milan's fashion week could not fail to display one of the most iconic and sexy brands in the country and the fashion world: Versace.

The bags of the brand won the streets, being the darlings of the biggest fashionistas of the moment.

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Vittoria Ceretti (Photo: Press / Versace)

The models of the icon line have turned out to be street style favorites. Especially matte-finish purses, which have already proven to be a big trend in autumn 2019. They carry the brand's identity, with clasps in the shape of the famous jellyfish, a symbol of Versace . And who joined the line? Gigi Hadid , Kaia Gerber, Vittoria Ceretti and Candice Swanepoel .

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Kaia Gerber (Photo: Divulgação / Versace)

In addition to the pieces of the famous icon line, Stella Maxwell hit the look with the Conglobo bag! Which is more structured, like a lunch box, and carries a gilded, Greek-style handle. Total elegance in one piece.

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Stella Maxwell (Photo: Press Release / Versace)
1551267402804242 g.h.gettyimages 1131402782webuserrightsexpire23.02.2021
Gigi Hadid (Photo: Divulga / Versace)
1551267403119055 c.s.gettyimages 1131428675webuserrightsexpire23.02.2021
Candice Swanepoel (Photo: Divulga / Versace)
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(Photo: Press Release / Versace)
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(Photo: Press Release / Versace)
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(Photo: Press Release / Versace)
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(Photo: Press Release / Versace)

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