Courageous moves from Ambush

Tokyo-based clothing brand Ambush has released a lookbook for its 2020 Spring-Summer collection.
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Ambush, which recently launched its new sub-brand Artisanal, published the lookbook it created for the 2020 Spring-Summer collection. Although the collection has an avant-garde stance in general, it is evident that it does not compromise its stance for the new season, even though contradictory segments of wearable parts question functionality. We know that the brand gives an eclectic stance to the high fashion that blends with the street style.

One of the models in the lookbook of the Spring-Summer season of 2020 was Öykü Baştaş. Even though the successful model has a history of shooting with many brands, we will continue to get excited until we see it for the first time.

If we need to take a closer look at the collection, the brand's prominent GETA slippers are the main parts. In addition to its exaggerated stance, it is likened to the traditional sandals of Japanese culture. The collection includes experimental and conceptual items such as long vests, hoodies, checkered leather trucker jackets, oversize trench coats, overalls and leather socks.




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