Beck bags: bold bags for bold girls

Deep red, hot pink, Kelly green, silver, orange...whatever your mood is, there's a bag that matches your personality
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Katie Piper

It’s officially the moment to think about Christmas presents. This year has been a challenging one so now one would blame you if you want to get yourself a very good one. Many people bet on food when it comes to the perfect gift, other on wines, other on house’s decorations, but the ones that truly know you, are perfectly aware that your only wish is a Beck Bags. Established in 2018 by Leigh Moose, the brand had the right idea to produce three simple sizes: small, medium and large and to leave the fun to the color palette: orange (the Marie one, a tribute Moose’ memories of riding around with her mom and her beautiful orange leather gloves), teal (the Marina one, the shade of the sea in the Azores), hot pink, paste purple, gold, Kelly green…. Wearing a powerful color makes you a bold person, and being a bold person (and your true self, as Beck claimed) is never a bad idea. This color’s freedom is the first rule of Beck bags. The other two are: handbag only (no strap! Becks are classic, modern and elegance and sometimes, straps aren’t) and velvet interior (the feeling of softness and the luxury of texture is undeniable).

Our suggestion? As 2020 is (finally) coming to an end, it’s good make the most of holidays trying to catch up with the next season trends. Above all, the one that stood up the most in the latest fashion week is the comeback of XXL bags. Say goodbye to tiny bags that can only fit your cardholder, 2021 is the bigger the better. A book, your phone, phone charger, yoga pants, a sandwich, an umbrella… everything you need, will be fitted in a beck bag (even the smallest one is still a good size for your needs). Spotted on different real fashionistas like Louise Roe, D’Andra Simmons, Jenny Powell and Katie Piper these bags are a must on your Christmas’s wish list as well as in your daily life activities.

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