The news of WHITE Milano 2020

A new edition of WHITE is coming. More than 200 brands will be exhibited at Superstudio and Tortona 54 BASE Milano / Ex Ansaldo from 24 to 27 September
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The showcase of contemporary, emerging and sustainable fashion arrives punctually as every year during Milan Fashion Week . In such an uncertain period WHITE Milano brings to the Superstudio and Tortona 54 BASE Milano / Ex Ansaldo headquarters the passion for support for Italian companies and the inevitable look at sustainability. Vìen for the first time will be Special Guest of the new edition, a 100% Italian brand that blends styles, cultural references and the sartorial tradition.

"In a difficult year for the fashion system and especially for independent brands, being chosen by WHITE as a special guest is a great opportunity for visibility to buyers and the press." explained Vincenzo Palazzo, founder of Vìen together with Elena Nitti, "Vìen is a project conceived, designed and produced in Puglia by a young team, which tells of a revisited classic made with the sartorial care of Made in Italy. The collection that I will present at WHITE during the fashion week it is the daughter of a very anomalous and unusual moment ". In fact, theirs is a reflection on the world of timeless, a rediscovery of the great classics, those functional garments that endure over time: "During the lockdown, isolated from the world and from every certainty we had, I looked back at the past, rediscovering the classics and garments I dyed them with colors, with the fabrics, perfumes and sensations of my motherland, with which I had to live alone, appreciating it by remembering its memories. That country, from which I always wanted to escape, had suddenly become a safe haven in an apocalyptic film scenario ".


More than 200 brands will exhibit in the show. The focus falls on the Italian excellence protagonists of the Focus on Italy area and among the ready to wear and accessories companies there will be Salar, Dieffe Kinloch, Federico Cina, Gilberto Calzolari, Michele Chiocciolini, Blue of a kind, Edithmarcel but also the the eyewear universe of Delirious and Bespoke Dudes Eyewear. Also in the Italian selection will be the most consolidated brands such as Faliero Sarti, Attic and Barn, Oof, Roberto Collina, Transit par-such and Pierre Louis Mascia to name a few.

This year Massimiliano Bizzi founder and CEO of WHITE has also foreseen a new format, Milano Loves Italy , a project for the optimization of the rebirth of the Lombard capital that unites various players of the fashion week from CBI-The Best Shops, CNMI - Camera Nazionale della Moda, Best Showroom , NIAM- Italian National Fashion Agents but also Alined Network with Continuo Showroom, Garage-Marina Guidi, Maurizio Faré, Livia Gregoretti Showroom, MDM7 showroom, Showroomjetaime, Spazio 38, StyleCouncil & Associati, Vigevano 41 Showroom Milan. An inclusive manifesto for the restart of the Italian fashion system.




A Kazakh designer but Italian by adoption (because her training comes directly from Polimoda in Florence), Yekaterina Ivankova is White's Special Designer and spokesperson for Italian sustainability. After launching her upcycling brand with vintage clothing and stock materials, she earned the Young Designer Russian Fashion Award.
Special Project @WHITE is Sabina Musayev making her debut at the fashion show. His approach is a hymn to craftmanship, a contemporary mix of elegance and craftsmanship. She defines her line herself: "Feminine and romantic, modern and practical. It is particularly important for me to always find the right balance: I don't want my clothes to take over but rather encourage the expressiveness of every woman. My style it is characterized by the use of bold fabrics whose three-dimensionality is given by the use of different techniques and thanks to updated classic silhouettes. The combination of the two creates captivating and pleasant clothes to wear ".


The hub dedicated to research and innovation, WSM FASHION REBOOT in collaboration with Confartigianato and the support of ICE Agenzia and Maeci, also returns to WHITE Milan . The focus will be on the " Health in Fashion " exhibition dedicated to how clothing can become an additional shield against viruses and bacteria and a series of talks and workshops dedicated to the world of the most innovative concept stores and retail technologies for the future.

The new edition will also be reinforced with the support of a digital interface: "We have created an inclusive web project that wants to give voice to different operators in the sector who will have their own online showcase, but at the same time will be able to access different services, without forget the dialogue with the physical world. " Federico Poletti, marketing and communication director of the manifestation, explained "We are in fact also organizing real digital rooms inside the show, available for all brands and professionally equipped, in order to organize video presentations of the collections, also in streaming or through targeted appointments with buyers who will not be present in Milan ".

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