After the biker shorts, the trend is the basketball shorts

They bring a stripped down style and cool to any production
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Increasingly sportswear has shown itself to be a great ally of the fashionista wardrobe. After the biker shorts, cycling style glasses and trekking shoes, the new trend is basketball shorts. And it's no use twisting your nose, because the piece has already won the hearts of some of the world's greatest fashion influencers - and soon you can win yours.

The model is really strange at first glance because it unites the trend of shorts, which is one of the most controversial of the season with the sporty look, which leaves everything even more stripped.

But the new versions of the piece were made to bring an urban look and cool to any production! They are being made in good fabrics, with more discreet colors and in some cases even with some textures that take the look to another level.





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