Meet Sara Shakeel, the Instagram artist who fills the world with glitter

You necessarily follow her on Instagram. Sara Shakeel has created a name for herself with upgraded glitter collages and is now an artist in her own right. Meet this Pakistani woman known for wielding Swarovski crystals like no other.
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Whether studying to become a dentist or becoming an artist, how did it go? Where did you start your journey into the art world?

I was a dentist in the making. After failed my last year 16 times (2 consecutive years), I ended up becoming a collage artist, specializing in crystals. I had no idea about my skills. Today, I have a business and I create art for the whole world.

It all started at home, on my phone, when my laptop broke down just before the results of my exams were published. All I knew about collage and the art of it was to combine different images and create a new one to tell a story. It took me from one work to another, all shared on Instagram. I didn't know the art world was waiting for me in that moment.

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What does creativity mean to you?

I came across a quotw saying that says, "Creativity is intelligence that has fun" and I think that's exactly what it is about.

Let's talk about your style. How can you explain your love for crystals?

The Swarovski crystals in particular are a brand that I knew before I even knew anything else. My grandmother had a huge collection of jewelry and Swarovski crystals. The reflection and refraction of light have always caught my attention. This memory has remained with me since I was a child, and perhaps without knowing it, from one work of art to another, I accidentally came across a pattern of Swarovski crystal and mixed it with ordinary objects . From there, the illusion of creating images and stories became my style and my signature.

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Tell us about your studio, what kind of place is it?

I'm a little embarrassed to say it, but my house is my studio. Now that I am married, I try to clean every time I make a work and turn a room into a studio. At first I started as a digital artist, which is really no problem. All I needed was my laptop and my notebook. But now that I've entered the world of physical art and sculpture, it's gotten pretty messy. It's not my fault. As soon as I get inspired, I don't waste time and I start working straight away wherever I am.

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Can you make a living by being an artist?

Absolutely! In fact, I have a business. Surprisingly, me and my company were even honored as the recipient of a Webby award in the Arts and Culture category.

What is your usual work day like?

Surprisingly, it is quite ordinary, but let me tell you, whatever I do, I do it with passion!

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Is there anything that inspires you the most in your work?

God ! Whenever I set my eyes on something, from a human creation to the creation created by God, I appreciate the brain and the creator for giving us that strength to do whatever we think possible. Whenever I lack inspiration, the thought of the most powerful creature on earth gives me all the inspiration I need.

Instagram works great for you when it comes to promoting your art and your message. How do you see this?

After God, I owe my success to Instagram for allowing me to present my work, for allowing me to connect with people of similar thoughts and ideas.

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Have you already planned exhibitions?

Yes ! I hope to have more projects after the period we are going through. I have a lot of expectations by the end of this year.

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Any thoughts you want to share with our readers?

Be positive, believe in yourself, believe that we are supposed to be happy before we are supposed to be important or famous. The people who are satisfied with their work and with themselves are the ones who end up transforming those around them.

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